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Materials: Enamel, Silk, Dye, and Wheat Paste

"My fascination with these characters have been evolving over the years and are a reflection of what is going on around me. They develop and remain in the fluff of my pockets and continue to forge new inspiration for my creative path." ~ Heather Bryson

Moore College of Art and Design is celebrating their 160th anniversary with a city-wide exhibition called Footsteps. Carrying the footsteps theme further, 12 large and timeless boots (about 6 feet tall), created by Darla Jackson ’03, have become “canvases” for 14 alumnae. Moore Footsteps will find homes around Philadelphia this fall. The first boot, created by Heather Bryson, is currently on exhibition in the Widener Gallery at Moore. (Moore Footsteps is sponsored by Fran and Bill Graham)

Below are the artists who created a boot and some of them are on display at Moore College of Art and Design in center city Philadelphia.

  • e Bond '96 - One Logan Square - Lobby, 18th & Cherry Streets
  • Heather Bryson '92 - The Philadelphia Inquirer, 400 N. Broad Street
  • Dorothy Collins '93 - Please Touch Museum - Memorial Hall, 4231 Avenue of the Republic
  • Collaboration - Aubrie Costello '07, Laura Graham '03, Darla Jackson '03 - Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts - First Tier, South Lobby, Broad & Spruce Streets
  • Karen Daroff '70 - One Comcast Center - North Lobby, 17th & Arch Streets
  • Gail Gaines '89 - The Free Library of Philadelphia - 2nd Floor, Logan Square
  • Rochelle F. Levy '79 - 2000 Market Street - Lobby
  • Longina Rossi '70 - Four Seasons Hotel - Lobby, 18th Street & The Parkway
  • Theresa M. Saulin '92 - The Graham Building - Lobby, One Penn Square West 15th & Ranstead Streets
  • Jane L. Walentas '66 -  Moore College of Art & Design - Widener Gallery, 20th & The Parkway
  • Cathleen White '96 - City Hall
  • Janell Wysock '04 - Charming Shoppes - 450 Winks Way, Bensalem

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